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      RAO Changhui
       Date: 2015-07-27  


          Education background:

      • B.S from electronics engineering department of University of Geodesy and Geomatics of Wuhan in 1993
      • M.S from IOE, CAS in 1997
      • PhD from IOE, CAS in 2001




      • Research professor
      • Supervisor of Ph.D candidate
      • Academic and technological research leaders in Sichuan Province
      • Member of editorial board of Journal of Atmospheric and Environmental Optics (Chinese)
      • Member of SPIE and OSA.




      • Director of No.8 lab. in IOE
      • Deputy head of the State Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Optics for 863 Program
      • Assistant president of IOE


        Research interest:


      • Adaptive optical technology
      • Adaptive optical system




      • The First of CAS Prize for S&T Progress
      • Award for 100 Excellent Dissertations for PhD
      • Excellent prize of Dean's Scholarship of CAS(twice)
      • Special Prize of Daheng Scholarship of CAS
      • The Ninth S&T Awards for Youth of Sichuan Province
      • CAS Wang Kuancheng Award for Outstanding Achievements to Western Scholars


        Paper and patent:


      • More than 160 papers in some important journals all over the world
      • Over 20 national inventive patents.


        Additionally,with Rao's guide and aid, about 20 graduates received individual degree including PhD so far.

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